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Spend less on undergarments


"You can pay upward of $40 or $50 for a bra," said Edward Upton, Owner of Cheap Undies. But now you don't have to.

"We noticed that a lot of brands have a lot of excess product," he added. That boutiques were eager to unload, so Edward and Michael launched The site acts as a clearinghouse for men's and women's underwear.

"I can haggle and deal and get that pricing that everyone else does, however we do not mark up to the amount that TJ Maxx or Marshall's would so our deals stand out," said Senior Buyer for Cheap Undies Michael Grider.

Edward liked the concept of a daily deal website, so every day at noon a new deal goes live. But you have to act fast-some of these bargains sell out in a matter of hours.

"We work with Betsey Johnson, on Gossamer is an amazing line that we work with, Lilly of France, Vanity Fair," he explained.

And it's not just skivvies. They sell swimwear, lingerie, and sunglasses. Shoppers can expect to save 70 to 80%.

"Lingerie is expensive. Some of those sets are $40 or $50. You can come to me and get it for six bucks," Michael said. The last chance section gives shoppers and opportunity to save even more. Each order is hand packed at a Hanover facility and ships anywhere with a flat rate of five dollars.

"I challenge people to go out and find a better priced intimate than what we're offering," said Michael.

"We're giving the consumer something that they can afford, before it was like you were splurging on an item, now you can get a lot of product for the same price you'd normally pay for one garment," added Edward.

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