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What does shipping cost?

Shipping only costs $5.00 no matter how many undies you order. You can order a single underwear or 10 pairs and its only $5.00 for U.S residents. Delivery on standard shipping takes about 4-7 days.

We also have several upgraded shipping options available and they will display during your checkout. 

Jeans, Pants, Shoes, Outerwear and other large or heavy items shipping is a flat $10.00 and will be delivered via UPS Ground and will take about 2-6 days for delivery. 

International shipping starts at $5.00 and can vary on exact location and order weight. These rates do not include and taxes or duties. See the chart below.

 Canada Australia, Brazil, Finland, India, Italy,
Mexico, New Zealand, Spain 
Standard Shipping 3-8 Days

0.00 - 0.50lbs - $5.00
0.51 - 1.00lbs - $10.00
1.01 - 2.00lbs - $15.00
2.01 - 3.00lbs - $20.00
3.01 - 4.40lbs - $25.00 
Standard Shipping 3-8 Days

0.00 - 0.50lbs - $5.00
0.51 - 1.00lbs - $10.00
1.01 - 2.00lbs - $20.00
2.01 - 3.00lbs - $30.00
3.01 - 4.40lbs - $40.00
France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic China, HongKong, Japan
Standard Shipping 3-8 Days

0.00 - 0.50lbs - $5.00
0.51 - 1.00lbs - $10.00
1.01 - 2.00lbs - $15.00
2.01 - 3.00lbs - $20.00
3.01 - 4.40lbs - $25.00
Standard Shipping 3-8 Days

0.00 - 0.50lbs - $5.00
0.51 - 1.00lbs - $10.00
1.01 - 2.00lbs - $15.00
2.01 - 3.00lbs - $20.00
3.01 - 4.40lbs - $30.00 


What is rush shipping?

Haven't done laundry in a while? Do you have a hot date and nothing to make you stand out? Have no fear rush shipping is here! If you need a fresh pair in a hurry "rush shipping" is an option that you will see for U.S. customers during checkout. Rush shipping generally takes 1-3 days for delivery & will move your order to the front of the CheapUndies shipping Que so your order is processed, packed and shipped in a hurry. Rush orders placed by 3:30EST will ship same business day.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the United States and the following.

United Kingdom

New Zealand


       We will eventually ship to more countries once our products gain more frequent flyer miles.

      How fast do items ship from your warehouse? 

      All items generally ship within 24 hours of being placed excluding weekends and holidays but can take up to 48 hours in some cases. If your item does not ship within 48 hours its not our fault, its more than likely due to a natural disaster like a tornado, flood or hurricane in which case we will then deliver your package by drone, camel or owl depending on where you are located (drone if you are in California, Camel if your in Egypt or staying at that cute Egyptian themed hotel in Vegas or Owl if you are in England, London or anywhere where there is a king, queen or a golden snitch)

      How do I ship to an address other than my billing address?

      So your attempting to send a perverted gift to your high school teacher, OB/GYN or chiropractor? If you'd like to use a ship to address that is different from you billing address just choose it when you checkout. Underwear makes the perfect gift! 

      Can I combine orders to save on shipping?

      No, we charge a shipping fee for each order. It's all part of our master plan so we can offer you the best price possible and get your orders out as soon as possible.

      What is your order packaging like?

      Shhhh.. Your secrets safe with us. We ship all orders in plain mail bags. They do not contain any markings or advertisements for CheapUndies. The shipping label does have our name on it but it's rather discreet and printed only in small text.

      How do I track my package?

      We ship all order by USPS or UPS and once the order ships you will recieve a tracking number by email or you can log in to your account and click the order number and the tracking number will be displayed. Note sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the tracking information to become active. If you do not receive a tracking number you should see a rainbow in the sky. your package will be at the end of that rainbow.

      Missing Package?

      If for any reason you think your order may have gone missing please contact us immediately so we can help you solve this terrible crime! All missing packages must be reported within 30 days. Unfortunately if you do not report your missing package within 30 days of your order being placed, we will be unable to assist you in any way