Model for Us

Have you ever wanted to be an underwear model or just show off that amazing physique? Isn't it time that all those long hours in the gym starting paying off.

Well now you can!  CheapUndies is looking for males ages 18-35 for upcoming product photo shoots. Our photo shoots take place at the CheapUndies offices located in Richmond, VA and the best part is you don't have to have any previous modeling experience. 

Plus you will make $75/hour!

To get started we just need you to fill out the application below and submit 3 photos. Please follow our guide below to ensure your application is reviewed. 

Once you submit your application we will be in touch in 1-2 business days. 



 Photo Submission Guide: 3 Shots- Front, Side & Back

  • Full body shots are best! (we want to see your entire body in your submission photos) 
  • Please submit unedited photos (we want to see the real you so raw photos are best, please no airbrushing) 
  • Candid photos are great! (Candid photos give the hiring team an opportunity to see what you look like outside of a studio. A digital camera or descent camera phone usually works great) 
  • Take the photos in your underwear (Since we are hiring underwear models photos in your underwear are required) 
  • Don't over flex (Sometime doing this can make you look hunched over or over developed making your physique look to extreme) 
  • Take clear photos (No filters) 

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