Don't Dream It, Be It!

We wanted to share our story with you so you could learn a little bit about how you're getting your undies so damn cheap and a bit about why we do the things we do at We also figured its only fair since we know everything about you including your underwear size and the fact that you only order pink panties and jocks. Anyway, enough about you, let us take you back to a difficult time in America and share with you the birth of a little miracle we call "".

2011 was a huge year for America - Kim Kardashian had a passionate 72 day marriage with some guy named Kris, President Obama revealed his birth certificate proving he indeed had a very long, unusual name and Charlie Sheen lost his damn mind on national television. However, the largest event of 2011 did not involve celebrities or morally corrupt people at all. It involved a group of frugal daily deal obsessed nerds and the dream that one day they could afford to wear designer underwear.

CheapUndies was born in 2011 in a trendy little town called Richmond, VA . CheapUndies was created for multiple reasons but mainly designed for the industry itself. We realized that many brands and designers had to significantly overproduce to meet minimum production quantities for their factories and couldn't sell out of their collections before the next season. This doesn't sound like a major problem at first but when you have a million dollars in inventory sitting in a warehouse not moving it can very easily kill even the largest of brands.

These designers and brands needed a platform to help move their overstock fast and efficiently and we decided to create just that. Our name is CheapUndies for a reason! It's not just because we have pink flamingos in our garden, are extreme couponers,or Black Friday shop on Thanksgiving, it's because our mission was not built solely on making money (I know it sounds crazy, but its true!), our goal is to offer cheap people like yourselves the absolute lowest prices on designer underwear, swimwear, and lingerie on the planet.

By designing CheapUndies this way we have solved two major problems, The first is helping designers move their tremendous amounts of overstock so they can continue to create beautiful clothing for the world to enjoy, Secondly, we give you the opportunity to avoid the ridiculously overpriced underwear market and frankly make you look better naked! We've learned that most people in the world don't want to spend $30 on a boxer or a sports bra, we realize some people just simply can't afford to spend so much money on underwear when they have light bills to pay, liquor to buy and parties to go to! So we say, "Save your money!" Shop at CheapUndies and have all the extra money you need for your boxed wine and Netflix love affairs.

Additionally, the CheapUndies team are no virgins in the industry. We have worked, produced, designed and sold underwear and swimwear for over 15 years. This level of skill and knowledge ensures we are delivering the very best "on trend" products to you for as little as possible. We take pride in our company and think its very important for you to know who we are, what we do and why we do it. We appreciate all of your love and support and are so thankful for the business we created and you helped grow. Cheers to you and thank you for being the cheapest most frugal customers a business could ever ask for!

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