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Living on the edge

Living on the edge

We were having a hard time finding underwear for men that’s appealing, isn’t cut too small, too skimpy, or that no longer fits once you put it in the dryer. Of course, it goes without saying that the underwear has to be edgy with bold, classic colors and comfortable both in fit and in that ever-important elastic waistband. And that's where Edge began life: we started with the elastic waistband, making sure it was soft, snug yet relaxed, durable yet daring. From there, we wanted these characteristics: Cut true to size, not a size (or two) too small. (Yes, really true to American size since we are selling out of Seattle.) Doesn’t run skimpy. (Just simply bold, edgy, and masculine.) Doesn’t shrink a size too small. (Who has time to hang dry? We know you’re busy.) Stylishly comfortable. (Stylish and comfort doesn’t have to be an oxymoron.) Oh, and who wants their underwear to look worn just after one or two washings? Then we took those same concepts and applied them to our all of our tops: V-necks, tank tops, and hoodies, proving that gym wear and all-around wear don't have to be boring or unaffordable, but they can represent style, quality, and still be priced within reason.

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