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Justus Boyz Being Boyz

Justus Boyz Being Boyz

A word of advice: Always choose underwear that’s ready to rock ’n roll, period. Based in Detroit, Justus Boyz caters to active, individualistic, and defiantly rugged men who “are shaped by goodwill towards others and a passion for life.” (Pretty hardcore ethos for a men’s underwear brand, no?) This collection of trunks features all sorts of dizzy motifs — stars, motorcycles, footballs — guaranteeing there’ll always be a literal party in your pants. Who’s coming?

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Justus Boyz White Motorcycle Trunk Justus Boyz White Motorcycle Trunk
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Justus Boyz Black Basketball Trunk
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Justus Boyz White Football Trunk
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Justus Boyz Blue Motorcycle Trunk
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