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CheapUndies is a site that is run by a team of geniuses that love getting a great deal. Our goal is to annoy and haggle every underwear and lingerie brand out there so we can get large quantity of merchandise for crazy cheap. We use the following negotiation tactics...

  • Killing them with kindness
  • Sending them gifts and love notes
  • Threatening them
  • Calling their families
  • Becoming friends with their spouse

After we have bugged, begged and pleaded with the brand we then buy large quantities of merchandise from them and extend the ridiculously low price to you. This is how Cheap Undies operates and keeps its loyal followers happy. No one should need to pay $50 for a bra or $25 for a pair of boxer or briefs. Buying all of your undergarments from Cheap Undies will keep you looking and smelling fresh and save you a ton of money. You now can use the money you saved on underwear to buy brand named condiments, play bingo or maybe just buy a larger dresser for all of your underwear. Cheap Undies prides itself on its pricing and brand named products and can guarantee that no one can beat our deals. Cheap Undies features one women's and one men's deal a day so be sure you buy fast because once the items sold out they will never be back.

We don't want you beating yourself up over a $50 dollar pushup
that you could have purchased for $7.00 if you would of only listened

So thats the deal on us and what we are about. We appreciate you and your business so please feel free to ask questions, send us emails or stalk our attention seeking team.

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