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Alexander Cobb Tattoo Collection

Alexander Cobb Tattoo Collection

Men’s underwear from the heart of Scandinavia, we introduce Alexander COBB, the new and ultimate collection of underwear and swimwear. How do you describe the collection in words? It’s your second skin. The perfect combination of materials and design – the ultimate blend of cotton and elastin in a range of contemporary cuts in a number of limited edition prints. Each Alexander COBB garment carries the signature of the Scandinavian designer who is known for his award-winning style and patterns. All the patterns are exclusive to his collection – so you will not find them anywhere else. The symbol for Alexander COBB is the Koi – Japanese for carp and homophone for affection or love. Koi represents love and friendship and is synonymous with different elements in the collection – color, symbols, style and cut. It is also special that Alexander COBB depicts koi through the art of tattoo – one of the most beautiful, most intriguing, and the boldest tattoos. Metaphorically, we believe the Alexander COBB range will feel like tattoos, your second skin. Each pair of Alexander COBB underwear tells its own story, letting your individuality to show. Sexy, crazy, luxurious, reckless, classical, timeless – whatever you choose to be.

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