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Underwear Holiday Party by Cheap Undies

Cheap Undies released their Holiday video this past week.  The video has already gone viral with over 300,...

CheapUndies "Hideaway" Kiesza: FAN VIDEO

Get your runners as seen in the video here: CheapUndies Running Capris CheapUndies Running Pants Thank yo...

New Exposed Collection Has Arrived

This Exposed collection has arrived, and you have to see it. Want to turn up the heat? Expose Yourself! Th...

Ellen's Hunky Gardener's Nudes Leak (NSFW)

I'm pretty sure this is the most important thing happening in the world today. Ellen Degeneres' gardener...

Your Brain Vs. Porn?

  What is porn doing to your brain? Is masturbation a bad thing? The people over at BuzzFeed have some thin...

David Beckham Quitting Underwear Modeling?

David Beckham has sent a shockwave through the underwear community.      At the premiere of The Class of 9...

How To Take The Perfect Underwear Selfie

Since Beach Season's over, it's the perfect time to let yourself go! But first, take few selfies before tha...

Justin Bieber Booed By Audience After Stripping To His Undies

For a only a brief moment, we see Justin strip to his undies at the 2014 Fashion Rocks Show seconds befor...

12 Underwear Problems All Men Have To Deal With

The comfort-struggle down there is real!

Marvel's Superheroes In Skimpy Underwear

If you thought females were the only ones who looked sexy in comic books, think again.

Zac Efron Gropes Himself and Shows Off Abs In "Neighbors" Deleted Scenes

Neighbors came out on DVD and Blu-Ray and we couldn't be more excited! 

World's 'First' Naked Barber Will Shave You Anywhere

  Dick Savvy is a certified barber who has made his profession into a more liberated experience.  He prov...

The Most 'Shocking' Photoshoot I've Ever Seen!

    One of the most interesting and “shocking” photoshoots I’ve ever seen. A wedding photographer from Sou...

15 Awkward Clothing Issues All Women Have To Deal With

1. Accidentally flashing the world anytime a strong breeze approaches.     2.  Getting blisters from your...

12 Gifs Of Sexy Male Celebs In Their Underwear

We see underwear more frequently than we think we do. Why not admire these gentlemen and salute their cont...

Beefy UFC Fighter Drops Pants And Shocks Everyone

Returning to fighting after a 2 year hiatus, mixed martial artist, Kyle Kingsbury, drops pants for a weigh-...

Men Try On Spanx For The First Time

  Gender is an illusion; a fabricated reason to attribute characteristics based on genetalia. But will th...

22 Steamy GIFs Of Male Actors Showering

Eventually, your undies will have to come off! If it's after this post, no one blames you.  Enjoy this co...

Hunky Guy Distracts Traffic In A Speedo

This video barely has a backstory, but this guy “backs” it up enough. 

Fearless Girl Removes Panties In Public!

Imagine you were just sitting there and beautiful woman with a lovely accent approaches you.   She asks yo...

11 Shocking Underwear Confessions That Will Surprise You

I put fabric softeners in my underwear before work so no one can smell my farts.

CheapUndies Interviews Colby Melvin

The most exciting part of the summer has been shooting with Colby Melvin. Everyone has been buzzing about ...

Pro Athletes Go Nude In ESPN Body Issue (NSFW)

Here's something to look forward to each year. 

Jenna Marbles "What Your Bra Means"

What does your bra mean?

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