PHOTOS:  The Sexiest Valentine's Day HUNKS

PHOTOS: The Sexiest Valentine's Day HUNKS

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so as a little gift for all of you, we created: “ The Sexiest Valentine ’ s Day HUNKS. ” Once these sexy photos get you in the mood, head over to Cheap Undies to shop for your Valentine!
1.  The Sweetie:  Sweets from your sweetheart!
2.  The Naughty One:  Every Rose Has Its' Thorns
3.  The Cook:  He made you Valentine's Day Dinner!
4.  The Romantic 
5.  The Smoocher:  Kisses for everyone!
6.  The Heart-On:  Just for you!
7.  The Beach Babe:  Long walks on the beach?
8.  The Flower Man:  Everyone Loves A Big Bouquet
9.  The Door Man:  Answer your door!
10.  The Gardner:  Fresh fruit anyone?
11.  The Playboy:  Or should we say PlayGirl?
12.  The Submissive One:  Don't move a muscle!
13.  The Tattoo Man:  Is that a love poem on your chest?
14.  The Sensitive Type:  He can't hide what's in his heart
15.  The Sleeping Beauty:  Time to cuddle up.
16.  The Pretender:  He isn't really asleep and is waiting for you.