Watch Our Dance Tribute to Sia's Chandelier Video

The team at CheapUndies is absolutely obsessed with Sia's new video Chandelier. Dance mom star Maddie Ziegler paired up with the world renowned choreographer Ryan Heffington to create this summers most celebrated video. This powerful new video reminded the world why music videos ROCK and how powerful they can be when done right! Congratulations to Sia, Maddie and Ryan for making the best video we've seen this year! 

We know this may come as a surprise to you (LOL) but our models are more than just gorgeous guys in their underwear. Some are professional dancers, artists, choreographers, writers, singers etc, and we thought “ Chandelier ” was the perfect opportunity to not only make a tribute to SIA but to showcase some CheapUndies talent. We took two of our models who had professional dance experience and asked them if they would like to participate in a SIA tribute video. They were thrilled by the idea and quickly got to work!

After many hours of rehearsing and a blister or two the guys finally created their own version of “ Chandelier ” . It's a powerful and somewhat sexy version of the original showing off the guys contemporary dance skills. The end result is weird, sexy, disturbing, and powerful. Exactly as it should be!

We hope you enjoy! 

A big thank you to our talented dancers Chaz Knight and Quinn Jaxon! Excellent job guys!