10 Sexy Instagram Stars Every Underwear Lover Should Know

10 Sexy Instagram Stars Every Underwear Lover Should Know

Instagram is what you make it.

For some, it's a hodgepodge of travel photos, food porn, and family snapshots.

For others, it's a fleshy fantasia showcasing marvelous male physiques clad in some of the most revealing underwear on the planet.

It's these influencers and thought leaders we now turn our attention to.

Here are 10 of Instagram's most notorious exhibitionists and underwear hounds. Get to know them -- every oiled-up, muscled inch of them.

10. Brandon Myers


Reality star, occasional porn performer, and conspicuous underwear connoisseur Brandon Myers is a self-professed "model and influencer" with 185K followers to his name (and at least twice as many pairs of briefs.)

See his Instagram photos and vids here.

9. Pietro Boselli

Sure, this Italian math teacher happens to have a PhD in Engineering... but he's more than just a brain, okay? Boselli's perpetually mouthwatering Instagram feed is a Speedo fetishist's fever dream, featuring copious photos of the physique model in and out of a variety of briefs and bikinis, ably demonstrating how modesty is for suckers.

See his Instagram photos and vids here.

8. Franco Noriega

This Peruvian chef is the mastermind behind popular New York eatery Baby Brasa –– and he also happens to be a huge fan of carbs. (Try telling his abs that.) The scintillatingly shirt-adverse hottie also knows a thing or two about drumming up publicity: He drowns his Instagram account in reams of photos featuring his chiseled physique in various states of undress. Hungry?

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

7. Max Emerson

Actor/model Max Emerson may be a versatile entertainer, but he apparently doesn't do "shy" -- at least not on Instagram. Constantly testing the limits of the site's censorship policy, Emerson's wildly popular Instagram page lets you scroll through endless examples of his fleshy shenanigans, and so far, not one of his 878K followers have complained. We suspect you'll be alright with it, too.

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

6. Nyle DiMarco

This ubiquitous model, actor, and deaf activist first entered the public consciousness by winning America's Next Top Model in 2015. Then he swooped into Dancing with the Stars the next year and won that, too. Is there anything the handsome DiMarco can't do? Yes. Judging by his Instagram p page, he's 100% incapable of wearing a shirt. Or pants. Fortunately, he has a sick physique and superior taste in underwear.

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

5. Matthew Camp

This former New York go-go boy is a genuine Renaissance man: perfumer, designer, model, film star, and Instagram provocateur extraordinaire. The page features Camp in all manner of undress, but he seems to have a natural predilection for bikini briefs (or coyly covering his most intimate body parts with emoji tacos.) 

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

4. Steve Grand

Musician Steve Grand wants you to love him for his music -- but he doesn't seem opposed to you loving him for his taste in swimwear, either. The underwear-model-turned-country-singer keeps fans in a perpetually gaga state by regularly updating his Instagram page with photos flaunting his physique and showing off an apparently bottomless bikini collection.

See his Instagram pics and vids here. 

3. Fran Dullon

What can we tell you about model Fran Dullon? Well, judging by his Instagram account, the Spanish, "sports-addicted" model isn't afraid of being photographed in a drenched white swim brief. But he does seem to have an aversion to any clothing that threatens to conceal his hairy chest and legs. Hey, we all have our hangups. 

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

2. Laith Ashley

His modeling career began with an epic Barneys campaign photographed by Bruce Weber in 2014, followed by a catwalk appearance for New York Fashion Week that same year. Now, the insanely handsome is branching out into a singing/songwriting career. (You can hear his single "Can't Wait" here.) His Instagram page shows another side of the man -- the side that takes thousands of photos posing in bikini briefs. 

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

1. David Mcintosh

This British ex-military and security operative first made the world swoon with a stint on the TV series Gladiators before being featured in Celebrirty Big Brother 14 -- but his finest performances could well be on Instagram. The fitness model and former Royal Marines commando excels at literally bursting out of his briefs. We should all take a page from him.

See his Instagram pics and vids here.

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