The 50 Sexiest: Male Underwear Photos of 2016

The 50 Sexiest: Male Underwear Photos of 2016

2016 is coming to an end and we decided to close this year out with a bang!   2016 may have not been the best year (for a lot of people) but, why not take a minute to enjoy some eye candy!?

Check out “ The 50 Sexiest:  Male Underwear Photos of 2016 ” below and let us know what number is your favorite!


50.  Milly Bean:  Raised in libraries, Grew up in Arcades, Army Brat

49.  Derek Parker:  Model, Host, & Entrepreneur

48.  Andrew England:  Model & Athlete

47.  Kevin Flores:  Student, Actor, & Model

46.  Sid Garabato:  Brazilian, Filipino, & a Cancer

45.  Paul Marie:  Artist & Fashion Photographer

44.  Nick Stracener:  Model, Dancer, Actor

43.  Erick Ivan Wilson:  Model, Actor, Barry's Bootcamp Instructor

42.  Giancarlo Annitto:  From Miami, Fitness Instructor

41.  Breno Di Grazia:  Brazilian Model 

40.  Calix Quan:  Chinese Fitness Model

39.  Hunter Harden:  Model, Brand Ambassador, FurBall 

38.  Jason Wimberly:  Celebrity Personal Trainer

37.  Davi Stefond:  Texas Boy

36.  Juanfer De La Torre:  New York City Model

35.  Griff:   Ohio Country Boy

34.  Ash J:  ash_js - Lovable Gym Rat

33.  Sedale Nigel Spencer:  Physique Competitor

32.  Max Emerson:  Writer, Director, Merman

31.  Dylan Hart:  Powerlifter, Beach & Dog Lover

30.  Andres Mejia Vallejo:  Actor, Producer, YouTuber

29.  Brandon Wilde:  International DJ, Actor, Model

28.  Tyler Booth:  A Playful Model with a Big Heart

27.  Nguyen Hai:  Fashion and Fitness Model 

26.  Dylan Knight:  Avid Runner and Usually Naked

25.  David Rest:  Columbian Model & Go Go Dancer

24. Sam Gee:  Persian Dancer and Finance Student

23.  Doug Locke:  Actor & Singer

22.  Eddie Eduardo:  Brazilian Go Go Dancer & Circuit Boy

21.  Jacob Hoxsey:  Former Wrestler 

20.  Giacomo Rainone:  Canadian Model 

19.  Anthony Pecoraro:  Hair Stylist & Model 

18.  Jamie Moreen:  TV, Film, Fitness, & Music

17.  Cheyenne Parker:  Entrepreneur and Model 

16.  Seth Fornea:  Model, Go Go Dancer, & Activist

15.  Walter Savage:  Photographer & Olympian

14.  Murray Swanby:  Nightlife Producer & Model

13.  Johnny Kane:  Personal Trainer and Athlete 

12.  Vinny Vega:  Photography and Nightlife

11.  Eliad Cohen:  Founder & Producer of Papa World

10.  Joshua Trusty:  D.C. Based Model

9.  Brian Matarese:  Fitness, Fashion, & Photography

8.  Colby Melvin:  Southern Gentleman, Underwear Model & Activist

7.  Bryant Wood:  Born in Texas & a Triplet 

6.  Nickoles Alex:  Southern Boy, Living in LA

5.  Matthew Camp:  Fashion & Fragrance Designer

4.  Angel Garet:  A Good Christian Venezuelan Boy

3.  Kyle Goffney:  Miami Based Model

2.  Matt Williams:  Personal Trainer and Model 

1.  Laith Ashley:  Model, Star of the show STRUT