PHOTOS:  Sexy Santas Are Bringing You Lots of Packages

PHOTOS: Sexy Santas Are Bringing You Lots of Packages

These Santas will have you wanting them to come down your chimney!  What would you ask for if you sat on each of these Santa's laps?  

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Let us know, what # Santa is your favorite!

1.  Santa has a big sack!  Hey Santa!

2.  Santa takes a lick and keeps on lickin!  Naughty Santa!

3.  Santa Does Porn?   What a cute smile!

4.  Santa must have went on a diet!  Hey Daddy!

5.  Ho!  Ho! Ho!  Who wouldn't though?

6.  You know what the color green means!  Horny Santa!

7.  All American Bikini Team!  The more the better!

8. When Santa is chocolate?  What more could you ask for?

9.  Look!  It's a sexy Santa Hallmark card!  Move the pillows!

10.  Hey!  I thought Santa liked cookies...not suckers!

11.  Imagine this coming down your chimney!  Twice!

12.  This Santa likes to Vogue!  Strike a pose!

13.  Jake is ready to broke back on the mountain, again!

14.  What?  Your Santa doesn't wear this at the local shopping mall?

15.  The Santa hat doesn't help.  We know you are bad...Santa!

16.  The more Santas, the more presents...right?

17.  Santa is coming to town, with a huge bag , full of.....

18.  The reindeers got scared of this Santa!  They thought he was a bear!

19..  This Santa spends his down time in boxing rings!  No...really!

20.   Just making sure that one of those naughty elves didn't bite it off!


21.  DP-Double presents...of course!