IN BLOOM: CheapUndies Venus Collection

IN BLOOM: CheapUndies Venus Collection

Introducing the “ Venus Collection ” the first women's collection from CheapUndies. This fun brand has already made it’s mark curbing the male market’s appetite for moderately priced, well-made, premium items. So it’s exciting to see the company branching out to the women’s market with these versatile and fun sets of separates. If you haven’t heard of CheapUndies yet you may be wondering, what’s this place all about with the quirky name and hilarious slogan stating that they’ll “ Cover Your Butt For Less!? ” On the outset CheapUndies may appear to only have a plethora of men’s items but the truth is, the site is just as efficient at providing ridiculously affordable bras, women’s basics and adventurous lingerie for much less than you’d find it even at a bargain basement store.

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With a design style reminiscent of classic 90s basics worn by Kate Moss, CheapUndies gives us a bold, metallic logo waistband & bust paired with a soft cotton-blend body available in a basic grey, white and black, but also hip shades of mint and deep rose pink. The shape of the brief is classically flattering to any woman's figure but up to date with a full back and sides that don’t sit overly high on the hips. Many celebrities and fashionistas have been seen rocking this bold logo, menswear-inspired type of brief recently. We teamed up with alternative model Alicia Reed & photographer Stephanie Thornton for a shoot based around the collection.

However, it’s the definitely the “ Venus Sports Bra ” that is the real stand out in this collection. The traditional sports bra cut on the front of the item gives way to an uniquely individual, open-backed design that exposes the back & shoulder blades in distinctly feminine way. This v-like design could also potentially make the bra reversible for a more dramatic, trendy look.

There’s something super cool about the idea of being able to wear this item both as a casual day-wear item and as intimate apparel. You can certainly get a lot of mileage out of this design as it functions as fashionable active-wear at the gym, a funky crop top in casual dress and an ultra comfortable loungewear pieces while you binge watch your favorite reality TV series.

Decidedly, the “ Venus Collection ” is an elevated basic suitable for every woman’s underwear drawer. A classic look with an updated, modern silhouette. A refreshing concept in every-day women’s garments that leaves us excited to see what comes next from the CheapUndies team! Enjoy the rest of the photoshoot below.

Photographer: Stephanie Thornton / @stephotogs /
Model: Alice Reed / @iamaliciared /
Hairpieces: HellKitten RVA / @hellkittenrva /