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VIDEO: Halloween Underwear Charades

Every year CheapUndies releases new versions of our Halloween underwear.   This year we have briefs with spooky prints featuring ghosts, Jack-o'-Laterns, and bats!  Oh my!

We know a lot of you like to run around half naked on Halloween and these underwear are perfect for your costume.   You can add a cape and some fangs with the bat print underwear and you can be Dracula.  Get creative with some orange body paint with the Jack-o'-Latern print and be a sexy pumpkin.  Or if you are feeling really frisky, wear the ghost print with a sheet and flash people!  So many possibilities!  LOL  

You can also just wear the underwear under your pants like normal people, but we will leave that decision up to you!  Whatever you decide, make sure you upload your photos to social media and #cheapundies

You can buy the underwear, HERE.

Happy Halloween!



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