Big Brother Star Mark Jansen Posts Superbly Hot Naked Pic

Big Brother Star Mark Jansen Posts Superbly Hot Naked Pic

Mark Jansen’s physique and overall persona was pretty much the only good thing that happened during the s**tbomb season that was Big Brother 19 two years ago.

People (meaning gay men who are into muscle/muscle bears) have referred to him as a life-sized Wreck-It Ralph. I can totally see the similarities. He also shares the same last name and desirable body as lovable gay porn star (and mainstream actor in the short film Matt) Colby Jansen. So, it’s really a win-win scenario no matter how you shake your stick at it.

Mark has had some scandalous moments surrounding his very sexy body happen in the past. The live feeds caught him yanking his own “power of veto” one night while in the Big Brotherhouse, which was nothing short of massive (unless you are a true size queen and want to debate this).

The fitness professional only upped the thirst factor by posting a photo of him completely naked on his Instagram Saturday, March 2. The only thing keeping it from being a true NSFW pic is the strategically placed pair of sneakers in front of his member.

“You’ll never be able to walk in my shoes. Mainly because I don’t plan on taking them off to prove anything to you” read the caption. “Also, I need them to make sure Instagram doesn’t remove this pic.”