9 Reasons To Invest In Your Underwear

9 Reasons To Invest In Your Underwear

Constantly having to adjust down there? Not happy with the way you feel in your skivvies? Maybe it’s time to put more thought into your path to genital bliss. Keep reading below to find 9 benefits of investing in your underwear.


  1. This is what starts your outfit. You spent so much on those jeans and that shirt, but where would they be without your underwear holding the package together? Without a good foundation, what’s left?

  2. You can never own too many pairs of underwear. They don’t take up much space and you can always switch it up. Multiple colors? Check. Multiple styles? Check. How about different fabrics?

  3. What about when that sunshine comes around. Are you ready to combat the heat with some spicy, but breathable undies? Let me tell you, some pairs were NOT made for sunny days.

  4. You can never thank your underwear enough when it comes to support. Ladies and gents, where would we be without a helping hand? Freeballing is definitely not always (but sometimes is) fun.

  5. Every now and then we just have one of those days. That day where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and not even coffee can help your mood. Well, I know for me, the right pair of underwear can push me in the right direction to turn my whole day around.

  6. Just because they’re in your pants doesn’t mean you don’t wear it on your face. Do you have that pair that lets you command the forces of a thousand hurricanes? What can you say? You feel like a boss, so you act like one too.

  7. Although quite similar to confidence, some underwear just makes you feel sexy; you’re someone to be desired. You can free your inhibitions and work those curves your mama gave you!

  8. Role Play. Underwear can be a great addition to your routine and allows you to act out your fantasies. I mean, have you seen those denim underwear?

  9. Last but not least, Comfort. Your underwear has to be comfortable. There are many reasons to spend serious money on your underwear, but most important is your comfort. Fashion doesn’t have to be painful, especially when it hugs your body most of the day.

Now I want to hear from you. Comment below and tell me, how does your underwear benefit you?