The Boys of Autumn:  Featuring Bryant Wood and Colby Melvin

The Boys of Autumn: Featuring Bryant Wood and Colby Melvin

Fan favorite model Colby Melvin is back and this time he brought his friend Bryant Wood to join the fun.  Bryant Wood is very well known on social media and was on the last season of America's Next Top Model.  Joining them is another fan favorite model, Angel Garet from Venezulea, who was in our “ Hugs ” video and our "Pick Up Lines" video.   Model Jasper Jeon is also back and you may also remember him from our “ Hugs ” video.   Two more of the new faces for this video are Frank Dufek and Devin Walker.   Frank works at the popular restaurant PUMP in West Hollywood and Devin is a well known dancer for such pop stars as Shania Twain and Demi Lovato.

“ The Boys of Autumn ” video features three new products that were just added to  The Vintage Jogger that has a more classic fit, but a modern twist, that makes them perfect for this Fall and Winter.  Also perfect for Fall and Winter, we are rereleasing the Raglan shirt collection.  These shirts are comfortable,  sporty, and fit like a glove.  Last up we have our Golden Luxe Briefs.  The underwear feature a rich Fall color palette with a sleek gold band.

Check out the video and photos below and head over to the site and do some shopping!