Wild Underwear: Should These Underwear Be Tamed?

At Cheap Undies we love all types of underwear and all the people who love them!  After all, underwear should not be taken too seriously anyway!  You can choose to look sexy, cute, and or silly just by picking the right undies.  We found some of the most wild and wacky underwear out there.   Of the underwear listed below, which ones would you wear?

15.  The Nerd Underwear:  You can wear these while watching Star Trek!

14.  The Landing Strip:  Perfect for a Bush concert or while drinking a Busch Light?


13.  The Palm Tree Trunk:  When it gets chilly at night on a tropical vacation.

12.  The Boxer Flasher:  When you see someone from across the room and want to get their attention.

11.  The Underwear Invite:  Forget about Facebook invites, this is the new thing!

10.  The Bill Cosby:  A message to the person who tries to take advantage of you when you are passed out.

9.  The Tarzan:  We are not talking about the Disney musical either.

8.  The BEEF Brief:  Brings a whole new meaning to, "Where's the Beef?"

7.  The Junk Trunk:  Lets play...who can make the elephant trunk rise up?!

6.  The Raver Boy:  He's cooking weenies and his candy underwear are for dessert!

5.  The "Not For Bottoms" Underwear:  Run for cover!

4.  The Oats Feeler:  When you are really feeling your oats, try these!

3.  The Gator Baiter:  You too can be a crocodile hunter!

2.  The Cock-A-Noodle-Do:  Rise and shine!

 1.  The Banana Rama:  Wear this on Halloween and have a monkey chase you around.