Brazilian Gay Couple Strips Naked To Protest Homophobia

 “ all the countless times I’ve been to São Paulo, none of them I skipped visiting the bright and grand Paulista Avenue. The biggest symbol of the city, also scene of several activists marches and conservative attacks; The place where the huge buildings shares space with the little businessmen; The city owns the traffic that nowadays is seen in all other major cities, but also the living beings that walk through its streets at their own time. The ave is under a pendulum between those opposites. Of all those countless times, however, today was my only and first time I’ve seen this avenue off the mightiness it carries: fragile, empty and cold – and, because of this, so human. ”

Felippe and Marlon, carrying just the adrenaline and courage, had the idea of this photography. This same adrenaline that covers our faces, shakes our hands and dilates time – those little seconds becomes frighteningly and excitingly endless. The few eyes wandering by the street multiply quickly , as well as the shoots, fear and sweat. We’ve made, in so little time, a shoot of un symbolic act, but most important a free act Being naked at the avenue shows off its own and also the city weakness: We have to be utopian and rethink a city naked of its prejudices, lovable even under the gray sky; complete just because of the diferences, and respectful cause of the diversity. It is to be one day. But the patience also dilates the time: maybe tomorrow, who knows, days are no longer utopian, but just real.

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