VIDEO: Cheap Undies Takes You to Church (Dance Tribute)

The Cheap Undies creative team is back with a new video remake of the “ Take Me to Church ” video by David LaChapelle.  The original video is a stunning ballet piece choreographed by Jade Hale-Christofi, danced by Sergei Polunin, and set to the song by Hozier.  The video and song are equally as stunning and untouchable, but we wanted to pay tribute by doing our version.

We called upon Cheap Undies model and ballet dancer Quinn Jaxon to star in our video and Adrian Jones to sing the cover of “ Take Me to Church. ”  Quinn jumps, leaps, and spins, wearing the Cheap Undies Basic Trunk.  We hope you enjoy the video and song as much as we enjoyed the process of making it!
Original Dancer:  Sergei Polunin
Original Song:  “ Take me to Church ” by Hozier
Original Video:  Directed by David LaChapelle
Choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi
Cover Dance by:  Quinn Jaxon
Cover Song by:  Adrian Jones
Cover Video:  Directed by Brad Hammer
Executive Producer:  Edward Upton
Cinematographer/Editor:  Adam Hagenbuch
Hair/Makeup:  Kyan Loredo
Song Cover Produced by:  American Commission