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ROUND 2! The Hottest Guys on Instagram (in their underwear)

Round 1 of this blog was shared over 40,000 times via social media, so we decided to do a Round 2!  Yes, we realize that not every person has underwear on in their pic, but are you really complaining?   Just go to their Instagram and you will find all the goods!  Let us know who your favorites are and we will try and get them in a photo shoot soon!  Comment below!

#1. @simeonpanda

2.  @danielgarofali

3.  @andresmiguele

4.  @francoissagat

5.  @franky_cammarata

6.  @greggsulkin

7.  @johnasmyers

8.  @jonathan_stantonla

9.  @joshuatrusty

10.  @justicejoslin

11.  @kquidroz1

12.  @mikethurston

13.  @mynameismicky

14.  @pierorechia

15.  @piersonwilliam1

16.  @racielcastro

17.  @ronald_epps

18.  @scrubsters

19.  @theblakeblake

20.  @taylorashmore7

21.  @theonlycorylee

22.  @almog



23.  @tavicastro

24.  @vinnyvegaofficial

25.  @spizoiky




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