How To Take The Perfect Underwear Selfie

Since Beach Season's over, it's the perfect time to let yourself go! But first, take few selfies before that happens. 


Let's take a moment and capture this version of yourself by showing off as much skin as possible, without it being inappropriate.  


Here's a few tips on how to take the Perfect Underwear Selfie!


Get loose



Pump That Bod



Find the RIght Pair




That's Fine I Guess...



Do Something Interesting



But Don't Overdo It



Get Drunk



...Not That Drunk



Avoid Awkward Poses



Splits Are Fine




Invite Your Friends



or “ Friend ” (*wink*)



Experiment With Scenery




Find The Right Lighting



Show Off What You Got ...or Don't Got.




Always Feel Sexy 



And Most Importantly, Be Zac Efron.



After That, Congratulations!

You've Taken The Perfect Underwear Selfie!



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