12 Underwear Problems All Men Have To Deal With

Out of all conventional pieces of clothing, underwear can cause some of the worst discomfort. Sometimes It can last all day. 

Here's a list of just some of the worst underwear pains that men go through. 



Just because we're an underwear company, doesn't make us experts on these types of things... just kidding, yes it does. 


1. Sticking To Yourself

The comfort-struggle down there is real! Some learn to ignore it, but if anything even slightly throws that off, good luck getting it back. Ever became self-aware of your blinking and breathing? Same exact feeling, and it’ll drive you nuts.




2. Adjusting Yourself Secretly So People Wont Think You’re Gross

What’s worse than being uncomfortable in the "hammock"? It happening in public.  Even shameless “adjusters” lose with this. You could over-adjust and find yourself doing it longer than you wanted; do this long enough and you're giving everyone the wrong idea. 




3. Swamp Ass

Sweat is a perpetual problem in our front area. We learn to ignore it, but it’s a different story with the backside. Sitting in just the right heat, your underwear will soak all the way to whatever light-colored trousers you’re wearing. Stand up, and now you’re not the only one trying to ignore it. 




4. Accidentally Buying Underwear that Doesn’t Make You Look Good.

Men’s underwear should streamline your physique. It should also make your package look great. You can’t always know if what you’re buying will turn into a baggy, miniature poodle skirt. Underwear can’t be returned so you’ll wear this regret for a while




5. Hair Pinching 

Did something just bite me?  No, but it sure felt like it.    




6. Being Aroused

Another terrible thing to happen in public. A lot of us can’t hide this and didn’t want it to happen. We rely on the combined power of our underwear and pants for hiding this. Just pray this doesn’t happen when you’re in gym shorts. 




7. Wedgies




8. Waistband Impressions On Skin

You’ve undergone a painless branding procedure. Are they getting smaller or are you getting bigger?



9. Chaffing 




10. Lack of Support

You’ll learn your lesson about letting your “boys” have too much freedom.  




11. Underwear is Expensive 

The price doesn’t guarantee quality, you can’t return it, and it’s not easy throwing away something costing more than buying an entire outfit.




12. Comfort vs. Sexiness

There’s rarely a happy medium if you’re broke.

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