15 Awkward Clothing Issues All Women Have To Deal With

1. Accidentally flashing the world anytime a strong breeze approaches.



2.  Getting blisters from your heels when you're out somewhere, but you just have to endure it or go home.




3. When the underwire on your bra snaps, and you have to sit in prickly agony all day.



4. Getting your hair stuck in the zipper of a jacket.




5. Trying to subtly pull up your strapless dress when it starts to fall down.




6. Strapless bras.




7. Thongs.




8. Panty lines.




9. White pants




10. Trying to tie a bikini together on your own.




11. Camel toe.




12. When the AC at work is too intense and your nipples get hard.




13. Somehow managing to get lipstick on your teeth, and not knowing how long it’s been there.





14. Purses that become a black hole when searching for the one thing you really truly need.




15. When your sports bra isn't snug enough, and the ladies bounce at will.


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