Hunky Guy Distracts Traffic In A Speedo



This video barely has a backstory, but this guy “backs” it up enough. 

There’s not much to say about what’s behind this video besides this guy’s “behind”.

Ok, I’ll stop. 


Starring 2 girls (I’m assuming), who can’t hold a camera steady at all, film this hunky college dude as he steps out of his car wearing a speedo. We’re left to imagine the faces of passing traffic as this guy pretends to fix his fake flat tire. Although we don’t get to see hilarious reactions, it’s fun to watch. 





Have fun watching.




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Jerome Hollis on 2014,09,06

This guy is supposed to be hot enough to try and stop traffic, He can’t even do a believable job that he could change a tire if his life depended on it. It looks like a loop of a jackass, acting stupid.

Richard Crooks on 2014,08,30

If this was some broad with next to nothing on it wouldn’t even get filmed. You see them everyday and who cares.

Carlos Barcenas on 2014,08,26

I love it

gustav on 2014,08,13

yes. girls trying to film always ends up with footage that looks like “drunken monkey on roller skates CAM”.