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Beefy UFC Fighter Drops Pants And Shocks Everyone

Returning to fighting after a 2 year hiatus, mixed martial artist, Kyle Kingsbury, drops pants for a weigh-in and gets people’s attention for a reason other than his amazing bod.

Kingsbury uses his return to make political statement in the world of pro fighting and does it in a very unconventional way. As he starts removing his shorts, he bends over emphatically to reveal a pair of undies with the words “Legalize Gay” printed largely on his rear.

What makes Kingsbury's confident gesture even more amazing is that he’s a straight, engaged man. He’s an firm believer in equality; in a sphere of athletics that doesn’t have a lot of conversation about the subject of equality, this was a perfectly subtle, yet bold way to start it. Plus we just love undies, if you haven't caught-on to that by now....

Take a moment to hear the awkward commentary happening as Kingsbury weighs-in.

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