Fearless Girl Removes Panties In Public!

Imagine you were just sitting there and beautiful woman with a lovely accent approaches you.


She asks you to hold her wallet while she does something


she starts taking her panties off right in front of you! 


Already shocked, she then asks you to hold them for her!


Awkward, right?



YouTuber, Melissa Flentzeris, puts several men in this situation in her video "Taking My Underwear Off Prank".  In public locations, Melissa approaches these strangers with a small conversation about the weather only seconds before removing her undergarments in front of them.  She had already asked them to hold her wallet so the guys can't walk away, leaving us a video full of priceless reactions.


Like these guys.


and this guy.



What a gentleman




At least she let's them know it's a joke.


WATCH the VIDEO below and comment by telling us about one of your awkward experiences!


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