12 Gifs Of Sexy Male Celebs In Their Underwear

We see underwear more frequently than we think we do. Why not admire these gentlemen and salute their contribution to the underwear world. It may take a couple minutes, or hours, go ahead and do your thing..... You're welcome.


1. Chris Evans


2. Alex Pettyfer


3. Chris Pine


4. David Beckham


5. The entire cast of "Magic Mike"


6. Ian Somerhalder


7. Matt Bomer


8. Milo Ventimiglia


9. Ryan Gosling


10. Taylor Lautner


11. Tyler Posey


12.  Zac Efron


Again...you're welcome.

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Popie Love on 2014,09,14

I just got to try all these Boys to see who’s the right one that fits the shoe

Jimmy on 2014,08,11

Www.wehoconfidential.com there is a great pic of Tyler posey chained and naked at this site too turns out he is un cut and smooth

Weerasak on 2014,08,11


Haron Bruck on 2014,08,09


sita b on 2014,08,08

boxers or briefs. this is so not right!