CheapUndies Interviews Colby Melvin

The most exciting part of the summer has been shooting with Colby Melvin. Everyone has been buzzing about his work with CheapUndies and the videos have really blown up because of the iconic underwear model. 



What got Colby to start modeling?

“ I was in Houston, TX and I just happened to be at a pool party. Two underwear designers from a brand out of Houston, TX called Bayou Beau.. they saw me and they were like 'Hey, we really like your look, would you be interested in modeling for us?' So I said 'Yea, sure, why not?' I’m not the tallest of guys so I really never gave much thought to modeling. So, I did. It went really well. ” 


CheapUndies flew to LA and got the chance to interview Colby, so go ahead and check out this small video we put together for you.







Colby Melvin 


Jon Varak


Michael Brent


Geoff Reynoso


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