Emma Watson Accidentally Shows-Off Her "Kitty"

Emma Watson accidentally shows her kitty with these adorable pair of undies. 


Cute right? This isn't the first time it's happened.


 “ The 19-year-old was grilled about the embarrassing episode by chatshow host David Letterman on the Late Show with Letterman. ” 


He produced a picture of her adjusting the bottom half of her free-flowing vintage 1970s Ossie Clark dress - and inadvertently putting her knickers on display. 


‘ Tell us what's going on here, ’ said a deadpan Letterman as he put a copy of the picture on his desk. ”


‘ This was a small wardrobe malfunction that happens. ’

Letterman shows Emma Watson the photo of her adjusting her dress and inadvertently putting her underwear on show.

‘ At least I'm wearing underwear ’ she says. So it could have been worse.

She said she was ‘ still learning ’ about red carpet etiquette. Oh well!

‘ I don't actually remember it happening. ’

This couldn't be more adorable.