CheapUndies Retro Boxer and Brief Review

CheapUndies Boxer Brief Review  

First word that comes to mind is, “ Comfortable ” .  These are by far the most simple, yet sexy boxer briefs on the market. They sit slightly low on your waist, while the enhancing front pocket lifts for a better presentation. The barely-there material with combination of the extremely soft tag creates a commando like experience with the support of something there. They’re perfect for everyday wear with jeans or even at the gym.  These are definitely my favorite pair in my collection. 


CheapUndies Brief Review 

As someone who is often in the office in business attire, you have to make things a little fun.  These briefs have an enhancing front pocket that brings everything forward and up into the perfect position to fill out a pair of dress pants… without being offensive. Outside of the office, these briefs have a sexy, jogging shorts look and come in a chic variety of color combinations.


A lot of brands have to go “tagless” to bring complete comfort to a pair of underwear. CheapUndies was successfully able to do so, while still keeping a traditional comfort-soft tag involved. Never again will you feel bound, chafed or restricted. 



Written by: Christopher McMullin