10 Hottest Female Athletes You Should Like on Facebook

 In a world ruled by social media, most of the attention to hot female athletes comes from Twitter and Instagram. Heck, in cases like Lolo Jones’ it’s Vine. But with all the hype surrounding the new stuff, the hottest female athletes can all be found on the remaining most popular social media platform out there: Facebook.

That’s right — every single female athlete with a rockin’ body has at least one Facebook page and unlike most of the Twitter and Instagram accounts, these Facebook pages (and sometimes personal accounts) have the best pictures of these attractive ladies. They might be tweeting about their sorry boyfriends, their latest performances or posting an Instagram picture of their dogs, but the hottest pictures of them are still on Facebook.

But instead of going out there and looking blindly through the vast space that is Facebook, we’ve done you a favor by listing those attractive ladies with their pictures so you can find them easier. You can thank us later, but now check out this gallery of the hottest female athletes to like on Facebook. And if you think someone should be added, comment below and let us know!


Sara Galimberti

Alana Blanchard

Jackie Perez

Maria Sharapova

Anastasia Ashley

Heather Mitts

Anna Kournikova

Kaylyn Kyle

Stephanie Rice

Tanith Belbin


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