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In the 1800's, the proper name for women's panties were called bloomers or drawers. The bloomers or drawers came down below the knee with pantalettes at the bottom which were known as frills. They were to cover up as much of a women as possible. Bloomers or drawers were very plain in design. Their purpose was to protect a woman's modesty and hygiene. In the mid to late 1800's, bloomers or drawers had adopted the name knickers and lace and bands were added for design. Colored knickers were introduce in the 1920's and they became shorter.

Panties have come a long way since then. The importance of women panties has changed too. Panties are worn for a number of reasons now, such as comfort and sexy appeal. They are a part of every woman's wardrobe and a intimate part of a woman's fashion. Whether it's dressing for work or a romantic evening with your spouse, panties give you the feeling of sexiness and confidence. They are
very alluring, seductive, fashionable and feminine. You can choose the style that is most comfortable for you or best for an outfit. They can be used for a romantic evening of seduction or for a casual everyday comfort wear and you can get them in sheer, satin, lace, cotton or print fabrics.

You can get panties in several styles such as:

Thongs - Has a small piece of triangular shape fabric that helps covers a little more then the g-string and take away pantylines.
Bikinis – Have narrow waist sides and covers some of the butt for a more sexier look.
Briefs - Rise high at the waist and fully covers the butt to give you all day comfort.
Boyshorts - Sides are wider and they allow a little cheek to show for a more sporty look.
G-Strings - Is a string between the cheeks that exposes more then a thong and you have no pantylines.
Garters - Are a thin band that goes around the waist and fastens to stockings in order to hold them up.
Ultra Sexy – Leaves nothing for the imagination. It is more edgier and exotic like crotchless and see-thru.

Choose the right panties for your everyday tasks to ensure a sexy and comfortable day. You can buy fashionable panties separately or as a panties and bra set.
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