Mystery Box Deals

For those playful shoppers who would love to add a dash of mystery to their undies shopping experience, we’re rolling out just the thing for you. CheapUndies would like to offer you a deal like no other! If you enjoy the thrill of gambling but hate to lose, our Mystery Boxes are just the thing to give you the fix to the mystery you’ve been craving.

At one low price, you’ll receive a Mystery Box that comes complete with an assortment of 5-10 items. Nothing is off-limits! You could receive any combination of our cheap sexy undies, swimwear, socks, accessories, and more! Each box is crafted to give you the allure of a mystery while ensuring that you win, no matter the combination!

There’s only one catch: you can only order 1 per transaction! But don’t worry, you’ll get more than enough mystery bang for you buck! So what are you waiting for? Shop now!


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This item will ship in 24 hours. Unless it's the weekend or a holiday! We're kinda a Mon-Fri operation. Shipping starts at just $5.00 for Undies. More Info


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the items, returns and exchanges on Underwear and Swimwear are not accepted at CheapUndies. This is non-negotiable. I mean, think about it... Would you trust underwear worn by some total stranger (aside from those of you with very specific kinks, anyway)? More Info

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