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Mrs. Bow Tie Collection

Mrs. Bow Tie Collection

FUN FACT: WHY IS A BOW TIE CALLED A DICKIE? The term dickie bow comes from Cockney rhyming slang and the term ‘dicky dirt’ for shirt. Simply enough, a bow tie worn on a shirt (or dicky) is then known as a dickie bow. WHICH WAY DOES A BOW TIE GO? There is no upside down for a bow tie, unless the bow tie has a specific pattern. Technically, if the label at the back is upside down then so is the tie but this makes no difference to the overall appearance. You can however have your bow tie inside out, which you would again notice by the label. That look is best avoided but the back of the tie and the label should be covered by your collar, saving you any embarrassment. WHY DOES MY BOW TIE TWIST? There is sometimes a twist with a bow tie but don’t let that alarm you. Not tying a bow tie too tight may help it to twist less, but overall this is part of the charm of a bow tie. One of the great things about bow ties is that they don’t need to be perfect, especially if you want people to know it is a self-tie and not a clip on or pre-tied.

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