English Laundry Lounge Pants

For today's collection, we are giving you a variety of lounge pants from English Laundry. Starting out as an intricate shirt line, they have grown into so much more with an entire selection of menswear. With designs based on an era from the 1960’s and 1970’s with its stripes, plaids, and solid poplins, giving it an English look and feel. Each garment is embellished, embroidered, hand laundered, and hand-sewn. Rumor has it that hand laundering is a vital feature in the comfortable fit of the garment. So hurry as these amazing lounge pants won't last long!

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English Laundry Alloy Grey Drawsting Pant
English Laundry
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English Laundry Plaid Drawsting Pant
English Laundry
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English Laundry Poseidon Blue Drawsting Pant
English Laundry
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